2015-2016 Schedule

Monthly Tips and Tools

Monthly Tips and Tools are a topic-focused resource delivered at the beginning of each month to members of the On-Line Community.  They are also an opportunity for programs, coaches, teachers, and communities to share about their use of a tool related to that month’s topic.

Members who wish to share their related work should fill out the ‘Monthly Tips and Tools’ form and submit it to BENJAMIN.RIEPE@UCDENVER.EDU at least two weeks before the topic month begins. 

Zoom Topics

Zoom Topics are an opportunity for members to discuss strategies around the month’s topic and share ideas. These will be ½ hour in length and recorded so that they may be accessed later by members of the On-Line Community.


Quarterly Webinars

The top four requested topics of our survey will each be the subject of an hour long webinar. Like the Zoom Topics, they will provide an interactive opportunity for members to learn from peers and share strategies. 

Please contact us with your questions and feedback:  BENJAMIN.RIEPE@UCDENVER.EDU

2016 Calendar

Monthly Topics   Events
August: Developing, Teaching, and Promoting Program-Wide Expectations   Zoom Topic:       8/18/15 2PM
September: Training and Supporting the Pyramid Plus Approach Sessions Zoom Topic:       9/8/15 2PM
October: Family involvement Webinar:             10/13/15 2PM
November: Support guidance for directors/administrators Zoom Topic        11/10/15 2PM
December: Creating and Maintaining Staff Buy-In  Webinar:             12/8/15 2PM
January: Use of TPITOS for Professional Development Zoom Topic:       1/12/16 2PM           
February: Creating and Using Data Collection Systems at the Community Level       Zoom Topic:        2/9/16 PM       
March:  Professional Development and Staff Support Plan Including Coaching Webinar:             3 3/8/16 2PM
April: Data collection Systems at the program level        Zoom Topic:        4/12/16 2PM
May: Creating procedures to deal with challenging behavior Webinar:             5/10/16 2PM