Pyramid Plus Partner Sites

Pyramid Plus Partner Sites


The Pyramid Plus Center partners with Demonstration Sites and Implementation Communities.  Demonstration sites, also known as Pyramid Plus Certified Programs, serve to provide examples of program-wide, high fidelity implementation of Pyramid Plus Approach practices.  Implementation Communities apply for direct, onsite technical assistance from the Pyramid Plus Center with the goal that they will reach program-wide fidelity in at least one program within three years. 

Pyramid Plus Demonstration Sites

Pyramid Plus supports four programs within the state of Colorado as Demonstration sites. The programs are: (1) Bal Swan Children’s Center in Broomfield, (2) Ability Connections in Denver/Aurora, (3) Primetime Early Learning Center in Norwood, and (4) Fremont Head Start in Canyon City. Demonstration sites exemplify high fidelity Pyramid Plus practices in social and emotional competencies, inclusion, and managing challenging behavior that are program-wide and sustainable. Each program serves children with differing needs including children eligible for free or reduced lunch, children with special needs, and children supported through Head Start, Early Head Start, and Colorado Preschool Program (CPP).  Please contact these sites individually to set up a tour and see these practices in action.  

In 2013 all four programs reached criteria for certification as Pyramid Plus Demonstration Sites. This was the end result of a three year partnership with Pyramid Plus that resulted in high-fidelity, program-wide implementation.   Click here for more information about Demonstration Site fidelity standards.  

Bal Swan Children’s Center, Broomfield

  • Patti Willardson, Education Director, Coach

Norwood-Programs: Prime Time Early Learning Center and Norwood School District Preschool

  • Robin Snyder, Norwood Preschool Teacher, Certified Trainer
  • Virginia Kile, ECSE, Certified Coach, Certified Trainer

Ability Connection Colorado (formerly CP of Colorado),  Denver/Aurora

  • Diana Geisler, Integrated Coach Director
  • Anita Clark, Director of Education
  • Denny McGihon, Education Resource Director

Fremont County Head Start, Canon City

  • JoBeth Palmer, Director
  • Lois Grabowski, Manager/Disabilities
  • Dustin Eliott, Educational Director/Trainer/Coach

Pyramid Plus Implementation Communities

One of the goals of Pyramid Plus is to build capacity and create sustainability throughout Colorado in Implementation Communities and their programs.  Work has begun in each Implementation Community with community-wide Leadership Teams, training all 18 sessions of the Pyramid Plus Approach, coaching in classrooms, and collecting community-wide and program data. We have learned the importance of this work from the first Implementation Communities and are excited to expand to other communities throughout the state.  Click here for a list of Implementation Community expectations.  

Currently, we work with six Implementation Communities:

  • Denver County
  • La Plata County
  • Summit County
  • Grand County
  • Gunnison County
  • The San Luis Valley
  • El Paso County

Pyramid Plus Site News

Launched in 2013: Pyramid Plus Demonstration Site Webinar Series

Topics include:

  • Behavior Supports: Policies and Procedures: Presented by Ability Connection Colorado (formerly CP of Colorado)

  • Road Map to Creating Tours: Presented by Bal Swan Children's Center

  • Institutionalizing Data Collection in the Classroom and Program: Presented by Fremont County Head Start

  • Let the Good Times Roll: Rolling Out the Approach with Families: Presented by Norwood / Primetime Early Childhood Center

Bal Swan Children's Center

Watch the videos below to learn how Bal Swan, a Pyramid Plus site in Broomfield, is implementing the Pyramid Plus approach in their school. To see more videos about Bal Swan, please visit the Bal Swan page on YouTube.


Pyramid Plus Demonstration Site Fidelity Standards

To be certified as a Demonstration Site, programs must reach the following fidelity standards:  75% of classrooms at 80% fidelity on the TPOT or TPITOS (teaching practices measure) and QPI (an inclusion measure), Benchmarks of Quality 90%, and an average rating of “4” on Leadership Team meeting evaluations. Additionally, the programs sign a memorandum of agreement stipulating that they will provide data to Pyramid Plus, provide tours to visitors, and plan for sustaining the effort and scaling-up to their communities. 

Pyramid Plus Implementation Community Expectations

Each Implementation Community agrees to:

  • Support  2 trainer and 2 coach certification candidates
  • Establish a community-wide Leadership Team to meet monthly
  • Provide the community  the full 18 Pyramid Plus Approach sessions
  • Select an Implementation Program within the community
  • Coach the Pyramid Plus Approach in at least 1 classroom in the Implementation Program
  • Collect data from the Implementation Community and Implementation Program

Pyramid Plus provides each Implementation Community:

  • Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) to the trainer and coach certification candidates
  • Technical Assistance to the Community Leadership Team
  • Provide the 18 Pyramid Plus Approach sessions in the community
  • Coordinate data from the Implementation Community & Implementation Program