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Running ErrandsPlease take the time to watch this video, you won’t regret the 4 minutes and 37 seconds it takes.

“Temperament - Zero To Three Magic of Everyday Moments” by ZEROTOTHREE

Every child is born with a way of approaching the world. This is their temperament. It is an important part of your child to keep in mind when planning your family’s activities. Running errands can be a challenge for young children, the attached article offers a few great ideas for making this job easier. Considering your child’s temperament will also help you be better prepared for many transitions. Some children are flexible and easy going and can smoothly move from one activity to another, others are stronger willed and need more warnings and control in their routines.

Here are some tips for planning successful errands with children:

  • Use a transition warning (verbal, timer, count down, sing a song)
  • Pack snacks
  • Plan for getting in the car seat

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TACSEI Making Life Easier: Running Errands