Suggested Email Message: Back to School Morning Routines

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Dear Families:

Here are some practical solutions to having a happy, peaceful morning routine with your family.

The attached article, “How to Help Your Child Have a Successful Morning Routine,” ( suggests the following tips to help you get your day started off right…

  • Try a visual schedule for the morning routine- print the pictures attached to this email.  Tape them to a wall in the order you need your child to complete them.  Encourage your child to refer to the pictures to know what is expected of him/her.  Allow your child to take each picture off the wall as they complete the task working through the list until all the pictures are complete.  Visual schedules help children understand expectations, give them control, and act as a third party to diffuse power struggles between parents and children.
  • Plan ahead- use your bedtime routine to plan for the next day.  Layout clothes to wear the next day, pack your child’s backpack and discuss the morning routine.
  • Offer reasonable choices- give your child some power by offering reasonable choices.  “Would you like oatmeal or scrambled eggs for breakfast?”
  • Save time for bonding- a few minutes of bonding time (reading, snuggling, bathing) with your child in the morning will help ‘fill their bucket’ for the rest of the day.  A little love can help them feel calm and agreeable for the rest of the morning routine.
  • Encourage your child- use positive words to acknowledge your child’s positive behavior.  Telling them what they are doing well will help them learn what is expected.  “Wow, you were so cooperative this morning, we have time to read a book before we leave for school!” 

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