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Provided by Gunnison County's Pyramid Model Leadership Team

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Introducing a NEW resource for families and practitioners created and compiled by Lynna Frymoyer, a Pyramid Plus Center Implementation Community Leadership Team Coordinator for Gunnison/Hinsdale County. This resource is a collection of strategies that teachers can easily share with families. Frymoyer Surviving Holidayshas created email messages which have been sent home each month to families enrolled in Tenderfoot Child and Family Development Center in Gunnison, Colorado. In addition, the resources are displayed in the center’s lobby, which includes samples for families to bringPresent home and use. This has been modeled by Tenderfoot and the Lake School in Gunnison and now is a standard in all of the Gunnison Valley (including Crested Butte) preschools and child care centers. Please note that some of the resources have been collected from the Pyramid Plus recommended sites (TACSEI, CSEFEL, Head Start Center for Inclusion and Zero to Three).

Additional ways to use the tool:

1. Each month (per strategy sent home) the classroom teacher or child care provider will check in face to face or via phone with each child’s family. The teacher will ask if they have questions regarding the strategy and if needed will provide further explanation, model how to use the tool and reinforce the family in practicing the skill at home.

2. During parent/family open house events the program can initiate a “scavenger hunt”. Give the families Pulling Hairan opportunity to try to identify the strategies in their child’s classroom or around the center.

3. Incorporate the Strategy of the Month and/or Send Home Resources for Family with the Positive Solutions for Families training or other Parent/Family trainings or events being held at the center or through the community.

4. Provide the Strategies of the Month and/or Send Home Resources for Family to service providers or other professionals working in the center who may not be trained in the Pyramid Model or who are unfamiliar with strategies used in the classroom.

Strategy of the Month – Basic Pyramid Model Strategies (one page handout)

·         Introduction to Pyramid ModelVisual

·         How Full is your Bucket

·         Visual Cues

·         Picture Schedules

·         Our Rules

·         Emotional Literacy

·         Using Books

·         Tucker Turtle

·         Solutions

Send Home Resources for Family (follow the link for email message template plus documents)

·         Back to School Morning Routines

·         Playing with Your Child

·         Making the Most of Mealtime

·         Surviving the Holidays with Your Children

·         Bedtime

·         How to Help Your Child Stop Whining

·         Including Children in Your Household Chores

·         Running Errands with Your Child

·         The Impact of Parents' Cell Phone Usage on Their Child



Family Resources in Spanish Coming Soon!