State Policy Work

State Policy Work

State Policy Team for the Pyramid Model and Inclusion Practices

The Pyramid Plus Center works with a State Policy Team to plan for sustainability and scale-up of the Pyramid and SpecialQuest models and other evidenced-based practices to:

  • Develop policies and resources needed to sustain current accomplishments and scale-up statewide
  • Collect and translate data for policy and program improvement
  • Engage in public relations and awareness
  • Collaborate with and build on other initiatives


Members of the 2015-2016 team include:

  • Marion Batayte
    • Colorado Parent & Child Foundation
  • Ann Bruce
    • Colorado Project LAUNCH / Office of Early Childhood
  • Heather Craiglow
    • Office of Early Childhood
  • Penny Dell, co-chair
    • Colorado Department of Education
  • Geneva Hallett, co-chair
    • The Colorado Center for Social Emotional Competence and Inclusion
  • Alyson Jiron
    • Bal Swan Children’s Center
  • Laura Merrill
    • Early Intervention Colorado / Division of Community and Family Support
  • Sondra Ranum
    • Office of Early Learning and School Readiness / Colorado Department of Education
  • Taran Schneider
    • Healthy Child Care Colorado / Qualistar Colorado
  • Evelyn Sickel
    • Student Achievement Services
  • Elizabeth A. Steed, Ph.D.
    • Early Childhood Special Education / University of Colorado Denver
  • Alberto Torres
    • Catholic Charities Early Childhood Program / Margery Reed Mayo Day Nursery
  • Kathi Wagoner
    • Division of Early Care and Learning / CO Department of Human Services