SpecialQuest Birth-Five: Promoting Inclusive Practices in Early Childhood Settings

Date Recorded: May 25, 2010


Who: Early childhood teachers, teachers assistants and directors, home visitors, early interventionists, inclusion coordinators, and anyone who is interested in including young children with disabilities in all settings.

What:  As a result of participating in this webinar participants will be able to:

  • Explore the SpecialQuest Approach to early childhood inclusion.
  • Navigate the early childhood inclusion resources within the SpecialQuest Birth-Five website.
  • Identify data on the efficacy of the SpecialQuest Approach and materials.
  • Explore the free SpecialQuest Multimedia Training library.
  • Identify SpecialQuest materials that will support your early childhood inclusion efforts back “home”.

Viewing the Webinar:

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