Successful Classroom & Home Transitions That Reduce Challenging Behavior

Recorded Date: June 8, 2010


Description: Children may spend 20%-30% of their time in transitions from one environment to another (Berk, 1976: Sainato & Lynon, 1983), which in an 8 hour day can encompass from 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours.  This session will examine successful strategies for transitions at home, in program settings, and the transitions from home to programs. In this session, we will examine ways to improve children’s behavior during transitions, as well as converting these “down times” into instructional times through embedded teaching opportunities and increased engagement.  Participants will learn about planning and rationale for transitions and will gain awareness of learning opportunities and the value of planning transitions as teaching tools. Strategies and techniques will be presented that encompass all modes of learning, visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

Viewing the Webinar:

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