Technical Assistance & Training Overview

Pyramid Plus Approach Training Curriculum

Pyramid Plus Center has created a new training curriculum which is based from the framework and content of the Pyramid Model Modules (Infant & Toddler and Preschool) and embeds evidence-based inclusion practices.  The training content includes the developmental continuum of young children birth through five years of age.  If you are interested in learning more about the new Pyramid Plus Approach Training Curriculum please click on the links below.

Levels of Technical Assistance

Pyramid Plus: The Colorado Center for Social Emotional Competence and Inclusion provides training and technical assistance on three levels:


  • Web site
  • Links to state and national TA resources
  • Registries of trainers, coaches, programs
  • Links and contact information to relevant local, regional and state resources
  • Q & A’s
  • Fact Sheets
  • Training information
  • Information on data systems and data based decision making


  • Webinars and conference calls to:
    • Pyramid Plus coaches, trainers and demonstration sites
    • other Early Care and Education (ECE) providers
    • other Early Care and Education (ECE) trainers
    • Early Childhood Mental Health (ECMH) consultants and other specialists
    • families
  • Web pages and other resources for:
    • Trainers
    • Coaches
    • Programs
    • Communities
  • Training and support for Pyramid Plus coaches/trainers/Pyramid Plus certified sites in Pyramid Model, SpecialQuest and other related evidence-based practices
  • Policy Summit


  • Long Term:
    • build local capacity by certifying Pyramid Plus trainers, coaches and sites
    • build state capacity by increasing the number of communities that have certified Pyramid Plus trainers, coaches and sites
  • Short Term: Certify current coaches, trainers, programs who want to go through the process
  • Provide training as first step to certification to new coaches/trainers/sites
  • Build upon current resources for information requests and referrals